Charger Installation FAQs

Tesla Approved Wall Connector Installers

Are you approved by Tesla?

Yes, we are approved Tesla electricians.

    Do I have to buy the Tesla Wall Connector ?

    It's not required as we can provide it for you.

      Do you only install for the Tesla?

      No, we install for most Electric Vehicles (ID4,ID6,Porsche,BMW, Audi, etc).

        What cable do you use?

        We use the 6mm Ducab Cable & 6mm Armored Ducab Cable. It depends on the installation.

          What safety do you install for our house?

          Dedicated ABB Breaker, ABB Isolator, and ABB ELCB.

          Do you only install in Villas?

          No, we install in buildings, warehouses, etc.

            How fast does it charge my Tesla?

            Wall Connector

            Up to 77 km of range per hour of charge.

            Mobile Connector

            Up to 5 km of range per hour of charge


              How can I schedule an appointment?

              Feel free to contact us here!

                How do I get a quotation?

                Based on the site visit, we will make a quotation and send it to you.

                Can I get a quotation without a site visit?

                Yes, if you know your requirements then we can make one based on that.

                What if I accidently gave you the wrong requirements?

                No worries, we will still do an inspection before we start the installation.

                Is the quotation price final?

                No, once the installation is done we do another inspection and give you the final invoice.

                  How long does the installation take?

                  It will depend on the requirements, most installations are done same day.

                    Can the electric cabling be fully hidden?

                    Yes, we can install the cabling under the interlock or above the ceiling to keep it hidden.

                      Do you install in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain?

                      Yes, we install all over the UAE!

                        Is there any warranty?

                        Our installation comes with a 2 year warranty.

                        Charger warranty is as per the manufacturer.

                          Can I connect 2 chargers with one electric cable?

                          Yes, we have different cabling that change depending on your needs.

                             Can I charge my ID4/ID6 with a Tesla wall connector?

                            Yes, with a Type 2 to GB/t adapter.

                              How does the charger work?

                              The video below is from Tesla and shows how the charger works. The charger units have a button to open the charging port and a light that changes colors to tell you that it is working.

                              Tesla Approved Wall Connector Installers